We foster connections within and among sectors.  We thrive in the space where concepts inform designs.  We excel at the moments when planning becomes execution.

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SS United States Conservancy, Inc.: Co-founded and directed an international effort to preserve and commercially redevelop the historic American ocean liner SS United States
Screening for Mental Health, Inc.: Helped implement a national effort to raise awareness and conduct mental health and wellness screenings for Armed Service members, veterans, and families
Fire Department of the City of New York: Supported the development of local, state-wide, and national information-sharing policies for first responders
Country of Georgia: Developed strategic communications strategies for domestic and international audiences
United States Marine Corps: Planned and directed public affairs, mission documentation, and regional plans efforts during extended overseas deployments and at the Pentagon
Third Millennium: Advocates for the Future, Inc.: Designed and directed a national, non-partisan youth advocacy and leadership development program

We pay careful attention to how we communicate about our work.